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World Vision Enterprise
of Jackson, TN

Rev. V.V. McCoy, President
437 West King Street
Jackson, TN 38301
John the Revelator
The beautiful artwork of Pat Marvenko Smith
Used with permission
   This web site has been created to present to the rest of the world that which God has revealed to Rev. McCoy and which he has already published in books, in an estimated total of over one million hard copies. These end-time messages are presented here for your benefit, that you might read and study and come to an understanding of God's Word. It is Rev. McCoy's fervent desire that all who read these messages either already know or will come to know the Saving Grace of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. And, having done so, grow in that Grace so freely given, by studying God's Word, as herein applied.
Rev. McCoy has written several books, four of which are presented here:

After The Rapture, What Then?

Man's Big Three Grace Periods

Misuse of Power

The Super Power Is In Control

They are presented here in that order. You may click on the titles of each book, or you may visit the pages on this site sequentially.

Rev. McCoy has also written numerous articles, several of which are presented here under the collective name of:

Little Gems

Vilbert V. McCoy
   May I introduce you to a genuine man of God; one called to serve where there is no glory. One called to minister to those others have forgotten. One misunderstood by his own family and friends; a genuine man of God.
   Was God praised by men on earth for His great work? Was He appreciated for the painful sacrifices He made?
   This is how I know my father is a genuine man of God. He goes to those who need him the most; society has forgotten them.
   He goes to those we have already convicted and shares his wealth with them; the wealth of knowing and serving a Forgiving Savior.
   Yes, my dad is telling everyone, everywhere about Jesus and knows we are running out of time.
   Don't try to quiet him. You are stifling God's Word. Don't withhold any help you could give him; he gives his all every minute of every day.
   My dad: a genuine man of God!

Betty Ruth Kirk
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