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My Favorite things about Angelfire.
  • Easy
  • Fast
  • Fun
My Favorite Web Sites
Angelfire - Free Home Pages
Fantasy, SciFi, etc. Image Source ( Much adult content)
Lycos - Search the Web
NASCAR Home Page
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My first page for the world to see

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More Complex w/JavaScript and Rollovers

The prototype for this page(Long time gone, NOW!)

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If this is your first trip to my Site; WELCOME.  If you've been here before; WELCOME BACK.  I started this little project about two years ago, and if you are on a return visit, you'll see some changes; major in scope.  If this is your first visit, as I am not running short of space, YET, so all the old coding is still here, and you can see where I came from by visiting the links to the old pages.  This is an ongoing thing for me, and as I go on I find I learn more and more each day.  Why do I do it ?  Well, until the events of 9/11/01, it was a job.  A job that I found I liked very much.  It is February '03 as I write this, and I've been without a paycheck for about 16 months now.  The savings and other finances have run out.  Anyone who sees my work and could use my talents, please get in touch.  Just link to my contact page.  The necessary information is there.  By the way, the artwork that appears on my pages was created by me.   Almost all the images are from other sources, but none of them appear here as aquired. They are composites and other reworks..... I'm pretty proficient with PhotoShop, too.  ENOUGH.  You arrived as a browser; so browse already!!

Any eMail may be sent to and your comments will be very much appreciated.