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    Hi! Welcome to our spot ! Bring your favorite toy and visit with us for a while. I'll go first, because I'm oldest ~ I'm Sally ! My sister and I live in the beautiful mountains of east Tennessee.

My sister Cindy came to live with us when I was a year old and she was just a baby. At first I was very unhappy and wanted her to go away! ~ ~ ~ But now we are special buddies! This photo shows Cindy in our snuggly bed with her then-favorite toy, Mr. Monkey. She has since chewed up the bed and ripped apart Mr. Monkey....... oh well.

This is me after Cindy first arrived ~ I wanted to make sure she didn't get in the "baby crate"...after all..I was supposed to be "the Baby" !

    Cindy doesn't rest very often. Here she is enjoying a lovely spring afternoon.

    Did I mention our older brother? His name is Tigger and he's 18 years old. He wasn't a bit happy when we came to live here. The photo shows him on the lookout for one of those Pesky Little Creatures (US - tee hee)!

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