Pecan orchard trees are usually grown by grafting branch buds from
trees that bear fine quality nuts on seedling stocks. In addition, pecan
growers may manage and harvest nuts from groves of wild pecan trees.
Pecan flowers are pollinated by the wind. However, most varieties of
pecan trees are not pollinated by their own kind. For this reason,
pecan orchards usually contain several different kinds of pecan trees.
The thin-shelled pecans, which are called paper shell, are a popular
type because their shells can be cracked between the fingers.

Growers harvest the pecans after they fall to the ground. The nuts may 
all naturally or be shaken off the trees using mechanical shakers. They
are taken to processing centers where they are cleaned, graded, and
packaged. The shelled nuts are cracked and most often sorted by

Richard A. Jaynes, Ph.D., Horticulturalist and Consultant, Broken Arrow Nursery.

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