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Sable and Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

Knoxville, Tennessee 37938

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We started in goats in 1998 with the
purchase of 2 Pygmy goats as pets. Then later that same year
we added Nigerian Dwarf Goats. In the spring of 2001 we
made the decision to increase our herd with the addition
of a few LaMancha dairy goats.
In August of 2005 we sold our Nigerian Herd
and in 2006 we transitioned to Oberhasli dairy goats.
In 2012 a dear friend of ours Anne-Marie Begley passed away and
entrusted the small herd of Sable does she had started to our care.
In 2018 our grandkids decided that they want to raise Nigerian Dwarf
so we are back into raising Nigerians. Besides the goats you will find:
Chickens for eggs, a noisy bunch of guineas,
a Jack Russell terrier,
a Cocker Spaniel and 2 Great Pyrenees Herd Guardians.

Each year we offer a number of select show
quality kids and milkers for sale in order to
keep our herd size manageable.  A small deposit
will hold the kid of your choice. Should the
kid you select not be born then your deposit will
be refunded or you can select an alternate breeding.
Arrangements for delivery of purchased animals
are the responsibility of the buyer and should be made
as soon as possible after notification that
the animal is available. For additional information
on any animal, please contact us either by phone at (865) 922-0555
or e-mail at

Our herd is evaluated biannually by Butler Veterinary Services
in Knoxville Tennessee. We test annually for
CAE ,Johnnes.

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