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Dressing Rooms

Dressing Rooms!

Meet Ryoko, a demoness/space pirate who will do anything to get Tenchi!

This is Tenchi Masaki, a high school student and prince of Jurai. A real ladies man.

Come pay homage to the honored leader of the Masaki Shrine, Yosho Masaki. As you can tell by his dancing, hes younger than he seems...

This is Galaxy Police officer Mihoshi. Although she may seem like a clutz, she usually comes through in the end!

Is it a log? No its Azaka, one of Aeyka's two servants.

Here's Kamidake, Aeyka's other servant.

This is a carrot. Its pretty ordinary and has no real life, existing only for Ryo-ohki's enjoyment.

This is Ryo-ohki, the cabbit/ship that loves to dance and eat carrots!

This is Ken-ohki, the cabbit/ship of Nagi. He loves Ryo-ohki, carrots, and dancing in that order!

This is Fei-ohki, the cabbit/ship descended from Ryo-ohki and Ken-ohki. Being a cabbit, he adores carrots and exploring the universe!

This is Tenchiken, the master key of Jurai and the holder of the mysterious gems.

And this is Ryoko's energy sword. It is variable in length and can turn into energy balls.