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About Me!

Name: Margaret
Age: 16
Location: Memphis,TN
Martial Status: Single
Occupation: Student at Ridgeway High
Favorite Bands/Singers/Groups: No Doubt,Lifehouse,Blink 182,Limp Bizkit,Matchbox Twenty,3 Doors Down,Nsync,Widespread Panic,Phish,Accidental Mersh,Grateful Dead Favorite TV Shows: ER,Sailor Moon,WWF,Tenchi Muyo,Lizzie Mcguire,Friends,Will & Grace,TRL,Jackass,SNL
Favorite Movies: Cruel Intentions,Billy Madison,Pearl Haror,Road Trip,There's Something About Mary,10 Things I Hate About You,Drive Me Crazy,Swordfish,Someone Like You,Legally Blonde,The Princess Diaries,Harry Potter
Favorite Animated Movies: The Lion King,The Lion King II,Balto,All Dogs Go To Heaven,Oliver & Company,Lady and the Tramp II,Beauty and the Beast,The Land Before Time,An American Tail 2,Toy Story 2
Favorite Animated Characters: Vitani,Flo,Jenna,Rita,Georgette,Angel,Charlie B. Barkin(I prefer the one from the first movie),Itchy,Balto,Jessie,Cera,Belle,Anne Marie
Favorite Actor: Hugh Jackman,Noah Bastian,Adam Sandler,Ryan Phillippe,Ben Affleck,Brad Pitt
Favorite Actress: Drew Barrymore,Sandra Bullock,Julia Stiles
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Food: Shrimp and Salad
Favorite Drink: Coke and of nickname,Margarita.
Favorite Animals: Piggies ^o^,Meerkats
Pets: Christy(Min-Pin) and Charlie(Tacobell Dog! :P) Herman(Goldfish)

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