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By: Patty Loveless
As interviewed on CMT

We didn't really come up with the name "Singin', Swingin' Rameys," a DJ by the name of Danny King with a country radio station in

Patty on stage - 1971, 1972
Louisville gave us that name. And he was kind of a... supporter of the Ramey kids. He really tried to get our name around town. And whenever there was something happening, he would call us up and say, "This Jamboree is opening, and I'd love to try and get you on that."

There was always a lot of people in the city of Louisville that when they heard you, and knew of you, and they knew of something else that was going on, a place to entertain, you know, "Call those Ramey kids up, they're really great!" That was a real honor.

It was during one of those touring Opry shows in Louisville Gardens that one particular night that Bill Anderson, Connie Smith, the Wilburn Brothers, and there was one other act, and then Jean Sheppard. Jean Sheppard was caught in a flood, and she wasn't able to make it in. So Danny King, our DJ buddy, gives the Ramey kids a call. And says, "Can you kids come and do about ten or fifteen minutes of opening for these people?" Ha! Why not?... Love to! And Roger and I went and did songs together. Of course, you know.. what can you do in ten or fifteen minutes? You know, one song apiece solo. So we did a couple of songs as a duet. And I remember I was singing Mule Skinner Blues.

Doyle Wilburn, of the famous Wilburn Brothers, dragged Teddy out of their dressing room to watch me perform. "You gotta come out here, you got to hear this girl." And it was me that he drug Teddy out of his dressing room to listen to. After my performance they were backstage wanting to talk to me. Doyle asked me about myself and I told him I was working some with Porter (Wagoner). He asked me to come to Nashville and bring some of my stuff with me... and I did.

March Patty Trivia Answer:

In 1996 Patty won the Country Music Association Female Vocalist Of The Year Award!

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