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Elmore Orchids

Available Stud Plants

Welcome to our web site! We at Elmore Orchids pride ourselves on bringing you the healthiest, most beautiful orchid plants and flowers. We have a huge variety of orchids like Phalaenopsis, Cattleyas, Paphiopedilums, Dendrobiums, Oncidiums and many others.

IDEAL FOR CHRISTMAS OR BIRTHDAY GIFTS!!! We can ship an orchid in spike or bud to anyone on your Christmas or birthday list. Alternatively we could mail a gift certificate for you as a present and the receiver can pick out the plant they want from our Catalog. Also, you could purchase a Beginners Special or one to several months of the Orchid a Month Club as gifts. See below for links to these offerings or call or e-mail us if you have questions.

JUST ADDED TO THE CATALOG! Our newest cattleya mericlone exclusive - Slc. Jim Elmore 'Sweetheart' available in individual and community pots We also have a very few keikis from our awarded Renanthera imschootiana 'Harold Elmore' AM/AOS $200 each - first come, first served!!! Also, we have divisions of our awarded Bulbo. rothschildianum 'Jerry Elmore' AM/AOS. Lots of good stuff you cannot get anywhere else. See the catalog link below for details.

Also exclusively at Elmore Orchids is the unique and highly prized, patented Slc. Barbara Elmore "Hearts" AM/AOS. A must have; see our catalog link below. Also we would like you to take a look at our Beginner's Special and our very popular Orchid a Month Club. Either of these make great gifts or, of course, just to treat yourself. Our most recent Catalog contains over 50 of our orchid plants available in various sizes, shapes, and colors for your growing pleasure. We have added many more pictures after useful comments from many customers. Thanks for the input and in some cases, the photos. Please visit our Terms and Conditions page before you place your order, where you will find information on shipping, payment, ordering, quantity discounts, directions to the greenhouses, and hours of operation.

For those of you who live reasonably close by, we have a very popular orchid BOARDING program that allows every plant in your house to be blooming while the non-blooming ones are growing in our greenhouses preparing themselves for the next bloom. Details are covered at the link above.

BIG NEWS FOR CATTLEYA LOVERS (updated 3/2/2912) - I went through our Cattleya stud plants and came up with a list of plants that divisions are available from. These will be 3 to 5 bulb bare-root divisions of some very hard to obtain clones.

A photo of our Ascda. Pralor 'Barbara Elmore' HCC/AOS appeared in the January 2003 issue of "Orchids" in the article by Robert Fuchs on Ascocendas. We have a good supply of these plants that are blooming size. They will be coming into bloom this summer. This photo shows our mature plant in bloom and this photo shows a plant in bud for sale that is in a 4" basket (only $20). These will be coming into bloom this summer and most will bloom twice or more this season. When they get larger, they can bloom 3 to 5 times in a season, often with multiple stems. Please see the catalog (link above)for size and price.

BRAND NEW WHOLESALE PAGE (updated 3/2/2012) - Click here to see our new wholesale page that is open to anyone who can meet the minimum requirements. So if you are not a business, just get with your friends or fellow orchid society members and put an order together. You are going to really love these plants!

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Elmore Orchids guarantees that you will be satisfied with your purchases. If for any reason you are not, please carefully repack the plants and send them back to us within 10 days and we will cheerfully refund your money or replace the plant. We also appreciate suggestions on how we can serve you better.

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To place an order, E-mail us ( or write to:

Elmore Orchids
325 Elmore Lane
Knoxville, TN 37934

Or call 865-966-7650. If you have any questions, E-mail us and we will do our best to get back with you promptly, or call us. Please do not use the guestbook to ask questions since I do not check it often. Thanks!