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Scriptures In School


Happy 4th of July!!

May God Bless and Keep You Throughout the Holiday!!

It is our desire and prayer that this site be of great help and supply you with information concerning Scriptures In Schools.

Scriptures In School Week will begin September 22nd, 2002 Nationwide

Return the Bible to America's Public Schools & Restore Biblical Literacy to America's Children The One Thing You're Allowed To Carry To School: YOUR BIBLE!!!!!!!!!!

Kick-Off Rally - Saturday, September 21rd, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.!!at Lee's Crafts {for directions please drop us an email} New Heart will be performing, Kids of the Kingdom Puppets will be performing and Special Guest Speakers!

Sunday (September 22rd.)- Formal "kickoff" and dedication at church services nationwide.

MONDAY (September 23th.)- Bring Bibles to School! & T-Shirt Day #1:Wear Christian message T-shirts, sweat shirts, & jackets to school.

TUESDAY (September 24th.)- Buttons,Pins,Stickers,Patches,& Jewelry Day #1: Wear Christian message items on your clothes,books covers & book bags.(Bring more Bibles)

WEDNESDAY (September 25th.)- Tract Day & T-Shirt Day #2 and "Give A Bible To A Friend Day!": Leave tracts at strategic places throughout school. Pass out Christian Books!

THURSDAY (September 26th.)- Buttons,Pins,Stickers,Patches Day #2: (Bring more Bibles)

FRIDAY (September 27th.)- WWJD Day & T-Shirt Day #3: Wear your WWJD & Christian witness items! Wristbands, T-shirts,caps,hats, jackets, jewelry, ect. Pass out Bibles to your Friends!

SATURDAY (September 28th.)- Area Churches & Youth Groups support students & public school employees for prayer, encouragement, edification, friendship,evangelism.

SUNDAY (September 29th)- Report to your churches. Share testimonies! Support Life Chain in your area! God knew you before you were born!


Millions of Students, Teachers, & School Staff Should BRING YOUR BIBLES To SCHOOL. Keep Your Bible In School All Year Long. Read Your Bible in School Every Day. Use Bible references for some of your classwork & assignments.

Scriptures In School Project is inspired by Isaiah 55:11 So shall be my word that goes forth out of my mouth; It shall return unto me void; But it shall accomplish that which I please, And shall prosper in the thing whereunto I sent it.


In addition to already having God's permission (and commission) to do also have the United States Constitutional right and Tennessee Constitutional right to bring your Bible to school. Keep in mind that in addition to any "religious" significance, the Bible is also a renowned and respected reference text of history, archaeology, prose, poetry, and more. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOICE YOUR RELIGION,BELIEF, WITNESS, PASS OUT TRACTS, SHARE BIBLE SCRIPTURES!

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Thank You For Visiting, Please Come Again!!

If you would like the cyber world to know what's going on at "your" school, please feel free to drop us an email with the proper dates and times and we will be happy to post it on our site!!!


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