Building on Site

putting down the floor
The men are hard at work getting the sub frame and floor in place.

putting on the rail

The next step after the floor and poles are set is to attach the top and bottom rail.

getting ready for the raftersAfter the rail is all screwed on tight it is time to look up, to the roof that is. Before the rafters can be placed the top plate must be put on.

almost time to lift

Following the top plate it is time to use some muscles and hoist the rafters up. streching out Team work is what gets them up and in place. Guys lifting and guys receiving.

addeding the ceder shingles

Now comes the easiest part of this whole project. After adding the slats it is time for the ceder shingles.

almost finised While some of the guys are using the staple guns, others are sanding and smoothing out all of the splitters, making sure that it is smooth.

the finished product

When the roof is complete it is time to add the cupola. With that in place it is time to pack up and go home.

Price list