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Real Name: Rita Demara

Current Group Affiliation (at time of death): Avengers

Former Group Affiliation: Guardians of the Galaxy (of Earth-691), Masters of Evil, Femizons

1st Appearance: AVENGERS(v.1)#264 (1986)

Issue Joined: AVENGERS(v.1)ANNUAL#17

Status: Honorary member, deceased as of AVENGERS: THE CROSSING 1-SHOT (1995)

Known Superhuman Powers: None...Yellowjacket wore a battlesuit equipped with Pym Particles that enabled her to shrink down in size, as well as fly. The suit also allowed her to project bio-electric blasts from the gloves.

Other Aliases: None

Issues of Avengers featuring Yellowjacket:

Annual#17; The Crossing 1-SHOT; Timeslide 1-SHOT

(as adversary): #264; #271; #273-277