Helpful Links to Sites on Grieving


These links will allow you to add your Angel and/or their story to these sites

Letters to Heaven

1000 Deaths - Loved Ones Lost To Suicide


These are links for Survivors of Suicide

Yellow Ribbon Foundation
Surviving Suicide
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
1000 Deaths - Loved Ones Lost To Suicide

If you have lost a parent, sibling, child, sibling to suicide and need a group that is more private, email me privately and I will send you the link to a group that may be more suitable for your needs.

These are links to sites for all types of death occurances and help for them.

Waking To Tears-Losing someone to Violent Acts
Welcome to Pen Parents!
Grief Resources
Loss of a Child - Death and Dying Net Links
Bereavement Web Pages
Fernside: A Center For Grieving Children


Books On Grief After A Suicide

Silent Grief by Carol Staudacher & Kit Lucas

No Time To Say Goodbye by J. Harris Lord

After Suicide by John Hewitt

The Courage To Grieve by Judy Tatelbaum

My Son, My Son by Iris Bolton

Suicide of A Child by Johnson & Wrogles

Survivors of Suicide by A.C. Cain

Mourning, After Suicide by Lois A. Bloom

She Never Said Goodbye by Robert Dykstra
(his wife passed)

Suicide: Your Child Has Died
by Adina Wrobleski

Survivors: After A Suicide What Do We Do
by Leonhardt & Steele (for those helping survivors)

I Wish I Were In A Lonely Meadow
The Doughy Center -1-503-775-5683 (young people's thoughts on parental suicide)


About David by Susan Beth Pfeffer
(Lynn 17, tries to understand why her friend David kills his parents then himself, for ages 13-18)

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
(A woman is disturbed because of not being told of her fathers death, ages 14-19)

Chloris And The Creeps by Kim Platt
(Chloris 11, idealizes her father whom committed suicide several years after the divorce, and has trouble accepting her mothers new husband, ages 9-13)

Father Figure by Richard Peck
(A mother who has cancer commits suicide, and her 2 sons 8 & 17 deal with grief memories, anger, guilt, etc., ages 13-18)

Family Secrets: Five Very Important Stories
by Susan Shreve
(one story about suicide of a teen brother of a best friend, another about a death of a family dog, and the third about a grandmother whom is terminally ill, ages 8-13)

Grandpa - And Me by Stephanie Tolan
(Grandfather is senile, then drowns of suicide/drowning, ages 9-13)

Grover by Vera & Bill Cleaver
(10 yr old Grover's mother commits suicide violently. He has trouble talking to his father, so he finds comfort in the housekeeper and friends, ages 11-18)

How It Feels When A Parent Dies by Jill Krememtz
(Children discuss feelings about a parental suicide, ages 9-18)

Killer Swan by Eth Clifford
(A teen boy struggles with the suicide death of his father, ages 14-18)

Loosing Someone You Love: When A Brother or Sister Dies by Elizabeth Richter
(young people whom discuss the issues of losing a sibling to suicide, ages 11-18)

Swann Song by Gibbs Davis
(1 of 3 teen friends struggles with alienation and unhappiness and then chooses suicide. Adolescent issues, ages 12-16)

The World Turned Inside Out by Gail Radley
Jeremy 15, has trouble after his older brother commits suicide andh his sister runs away, ages 12-15)


Hold them A Little Closer

I pray you never walk through
The agony I've known
I pray that all your little ones
Will stay until they've grown.
I pray that you can really hear
My heartbroken cries
So you will know the anguish
When A Child Dies.

I pray it makes you hold them
Closer to your breast
And savor every moment
As if it were the best.
For none of us can ever know
How soon they will be gone
And we we'll have the memories
To hold us in the dawn.

Oh dear and tired mother
Of rambunctious little lambs
Do not grow weary of washing
And helping little hands.
Remember that these precious ones
May not be with us long
And we will have to suffer
Such pain when they are gone.

So when you cry at one more day
Of toys spread on the floor
Imagine if they weren't there
To mess up anymore.
Think of all those precious times
You'll miss and wish you had
You'll see those things that irked you so
They weren't all that bad.

Hold them closer for awhile
And stroke their silky hair
And hug them gently once for me
I wish that I were there.
For as I cry out for my son
Who cannot feel my touch
My heart cries out to tell you all
You can never love too much...

This was written by a mother who lost her son when he was 3 1/2 years old.