The Memory Tree of Lights is a wonderful way to memorialize our loved ones that we have lost to suicide at the Holidays. 5 years ago a wonderful Mom named Brenda Flowers whom had lost her only child Kimberly, to suicide, successfully founded this project. It has grown nationally. There is to be a Tree (we are hoping!) to be in every state! So far half of the nation is covered with State Tree Coordinators. I am representing the State of Tennessee (where I now live) and I have adopted the State of Ohio because that is where Josh was born and left us. Each Christmas I will have a tree outside of my home with names of our loved ones we have lost to suicide, laminated on index cards and attached to this Tree. I will be tying little yellow ribbons to each card in honor or Suicide Prevention Groups. It will be lit on December 1st and will stay lit until January. It will be available for the public to come by and attach a loved ones name to it also and information regarding suicide/depression will be available to anyone. If you would be interested in being a State Coordinator for your state, or you would like to have your loved one's name attached to a State Tree, please email me with the below information.
Loved ones Name: age: (at passing) Relationship to You: Which State:

Also, below is the News Article that was published when I did the Memory Tree a past Christmas. Our local news came out and did a beautiful story on it. Please feel free to pass this information to anyone you know of that has lost someone to suicide. This project means so much to me personally since this is how I lost my son Josh. Feel free to email me back with any questions. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.
News Article 2001

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