Beyond The Distant Stars

The Angel And The Princess

Once upon a time there was a Lady and a Gentleman. They were so happy with each other. They had a nice home, and things to go in it, and nice cars and just about anything they wanted. Almost....what they really, really wanted was a little baby to share their treasures with. They wanted to change their roles from Lady and Gentleman, and be Mommy and Daddy. Time passed, and no babies. They did all they could do, and sadly thought that maybe this was something they wouldn’t have naturally. But God lives upstairs and he had been watching this man and woman. He decided it was time. A little Angel was conceived. Oh was they ever surprised! The lady took good care of herself, preparing for this Angel. The gentleman talked to this little Angel in waiting. Time was almost there for the Angel to be born, when God realized that this little Angel had a boo-boo on her heart and decided that this Angel was going to be a special Angel in Heaven instead. So he gently placed a band aid on her boo-boo and carefully lifted her back into Heaven. She was named Angelica by her Mommy and Daddy. She looked like her Mommy, but had her Daddy’s dimple in her chin. God placed her among many other Angels in Heaven. She had heard of one of them, one was her Special cousin Josh, she hadn’t gotten to meet him yet, but when she saw his smile, she knew she would be in good hands.

So now God realized that he was going to have to do something really, really special for this Lady and Gentleman again. A band aid wasn’t going to fix their boo-boo because the tear was too large on their hearts. He sat down on a cloud and little Angel Angelica gently flew by and sat next to him. She looked up at him and smiled. She knew exactly what her Mommy and Daddy needed. They needed a Princess. God smiled. What a great idea! God took the steps needed and looked at little Angelica and told her that she was so smart and so special and that this Princess needed someone just like her, to watch over her and their parents, so now that is her mission. She smiled, and nodded her little Angelic head, her curls bounced and she flew off. She had lots to do! A Princess was going to be fun to watch! She had 9 months to prepare for this job, but she was so excited.

The Lady and the Gentleman shortly learned of their newest creation. They were scared, but kept being hopeful. Little Angel Angelica watched them and smiled because she knew what their surprise was going to be. She tried to reassure them when they needed it the most. She waited along with them until the time came, and finally one day it did. Princess Ireland was born! Angel Angelica and God was there when she came into the World screaming and letting everyone know she was here! God smiled, hugged Angel Angelica and told her, her job was going to be a hand-full. Angel Angelica smiled back and told God she was ready.....she couldn’t wait to start being Princess’s Guardian Angel.

Time passed, a year already, and the Angel and the Princess became so close. The Princess grew each day. She was constantly learning something and keeping the Angel on her toes. The Angel loved her duties of watching over the Princess. Sometimes she could have Princess do little tricks and that was secret messages to her Mommy and Daddy too. She was living the life she couldn’t before, thru Princess. Princess and Angel made that deal along time ago and they were happy with it. They both loved their Daddy and Mommy very much and loved to see them smile. So sometimes now when you are looking at Princess, you are looking at Angel too. They are a packaged deal forever.
THE END-for now.....
Written by:
The Aunt of the Angel and the Princess-~~Debbie~~~2002

Copyright Rights 2002 Do Not Copy or Take.

This is my "animated" version of my 2 precious Nieces', Angelica and Ireland. But I have a funny feeling I might be real close in the reality of the story....or so I want to believe! Angelica was born into the Arms of Angels on August 17th, 2000. Ireland came along almost exactly one year later on August 10th, 2001. We so enjoy watching our precious Princess Ireland grow, but we also miss dearly our Angel Angelica. She lives forever in our hearts. I made this page because today (August 17th) marks sweet Angel Angelica's 2nd year in Heaven. I wanted something more sweet to honor her today. Princess Ireland will always know about her big sister. I hope you enjoyed my story, I know I love those 2 little girls very much. Below you can click onto either Yellow Star that will either take you to Angelica's Page that I made for her when she was born, or onto Ireland's Star that will take you to Ireland's Page. Please visit both of my precious Niece's. This Aunt is sure proud of them!Click onto Josh's Star to go back to his Main page.

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