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The Curse of the Bell Witch

This page is dedicated to telling the truth about the Bell Witch of Adams, Tennessee. As part of my Senior Research Project, I had to "make" something, so, here it is. The Bell Witch of Adams was a very real and very supernatural being that lived among and haunted the family of John Bell in the 1800s. "Kate" as she was nicknamed, would torture, humiliate, and help the members of the Bell family. Kate could be gracious and sweet, but also hateful and wretched. She focused most of her energy around Betsy Bell, the youngest daughter. It is very usual for poltergeists to use a child in puberty as its main focal point, parapsychologists say. Although no real reason has been found to explain this phenomemon, many people do in fact believe of her existance. You can visit the old home place of the Bell family. The actual homestead is now gone, but you can arrange a tour of the Bell Witch Cave. It is privately owned, and you must make arrangements with the owners prior to visiting. They will be gracious to let you tour. The cave is open May - November, seven days a week.

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