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  As you have probably noticed, I really like Schwimmwagens and Kubelwagens. I have been collecting pics of them for as long as I have been online. I put all of them on a disk, and when I got this page, I decided to put them up here. I don't have the origional pictures for these. I have collected all of these pics from my search for Schwim and Kubel pics. I just wanted to put them up here so that all of the other Schwim and Kubel fans out there don't have to spend days looking for pics for them. These are only some of the best pics that I have. I'll try to add some text information on Schwims and Kubels when I find it. You can take all of the pics you want. Have fun!. *P.S. If you have any war VW car pics not seen here, please send them to me.