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In early August I attended the Volunteer Bug Jam put on by the National Street Volkswagen Assc. I had partially attended last year's and was looking forward to this year's because I would get to see the schwimmwagen swim. (I love schwimmwagens!) The Schwimmwagen almost crashed a few times because of foreign objects in the water and an unsecured ramp. Anyway, I took some pics so have fun. Click the pics for a larger view.
This years Bug Jam will be held Aug 7 and 8 at Chilhowee Park, Knoxville, Tennessee. They are also having a show at the Knoxville Farmer's Market on May 22, 1999. Admission/Parking will be free.
For more information about either shows, or NSVWA, please email Tom J Underwood

(these take a long time to load)

This is my friend Don's prestine, one owner (him) 67 Beetle. The Knoxville Police Bug car A VW car powered mud dragster(?) A Swedish VW car powered snow thingy
I thought this one looked good so I put it up here. Mine might look like this A 53 split A real military thing from somewhere in Texas

Schwim Pics
Front view of the Schwim This is where it almost crashed once. It hit something and almost tipped