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Welcome, this is my vw car page. I have been involved with VWs cars for close to three years and have bunches of plans for mine. My car needs a name. any suggestions would be appreciated. Right now (4­4­99) i haven't touch it in about a month because

(a) I have been too busy

(b) I broke a bolt off in the frame head

(c) I am working on other pages

(d) I am waiting to hook up the new air compressor and

(e) I'm just too lazy right now.

And I know, I haven't had an updated in about a year, but that is because I haven't done anything to it. It took us all summer to get the frame head off. Anyway, I'll get around to it after a while.

This page will grow as I get the time since I am juggling this with some other webpages and school. In other words, updates will probaly be on fridays or holidays. I really like war time VWs cars and special models. I "stole" most of these pictures from other sites. If you made one of these pictures, or have it posted on your page, then let me know and I'll give you credit because I don't remember where I got them.
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