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   You may have noticed that I have an interest in war era Volkswagens cars. The reason for this is, back during WWII I was employed by the German government to drive these great machines. I was young and wanted away from my parents so I started driving Kubelwagens as you can see in the below pics.

I'm driving

   I also drove Schwimmwagens (my fav) and scouted the country side as you can see in the below pics

I'm Standing up

I'm Driving

   After I was injured in combat, (one of those crappy American Jeeps blew up and shot metal into the back of my head) I was sent to work in the factory that made the Schwimmwagens.

I'm on the left

   After the war was over, there wasn't much use to make the Schwims, so they closed the factory, and I sat around a few years until I got interested in VWs cars again. We'll, one of my friends, Joe Vittone, started a company called EMPI and he asked me to help him, so I did. You can see me on the cover of this EMPI catalogue. My head was swollen from the metal still in it.

My head hurts

   Well, I hope you enjoyed my old picture album. Now you can see what kind of VW experience I have.