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The burnout included a Baja, Bus, and a Square Back. There were several other bugs cars and rail buggies.
This is Mousy Johnson's Swedish Snow Volks car. From what I can tell, this is a 60's model ST4 Snow Trak equiped as an ambulace or for rescue.
This cool shortened Beetle car was fitted with hydrolics. Somebody told me this Beetle car was built and run by the Shriners. I can't confirm it though.
I really liked this home-built baja. This is Eddie Triplet's new Daily Driver. I'm pretty sure he sold the other one. This was a really nice Ghia.
Cool paint job, huh? I wanted one of these campers before they quit making them. This was a neat bus with a very meticulous paint job. The paint was applied one dot at a time.