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Sailor Moon Fan Fiction

Long ago there was a beautiful kingdom on Earth's moon...

Silver Millenium

... this story has little to do with it.


Instead, it's a story about another reality and the like.
No new Sailors. No real time travel. No evil Endyminion that beats up little children and Neo-Queens. Not even a wombat. Instead, this is the story of what happens when eight people have to live with themselves. All too literally. Maybe if we all ask Washuu really nicely, she'll fix it. Maybe.

Chibi-Usa isn't in it either, but I think she's cute.
Anyway, here it is, the one you've all been waiting for:

The Rebound Effect
or you can go straight to arc two

Luna and Artemis

Oh, and I'd watch out for Luna and Artemis, too... They're not too happy about being left in the dark through most of the fic. Someone who stepped on a tail might just find him or herself in serious pain.


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