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A Handful of Links

Lynx, and I don't mean golf :)

Anime stuff
FFML Webpages
Home for the Fanfic Mailing List
Kendai's Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction Site
Fanfic Link Page
Sakura Lemon Fan-Fiction Archive
Anime Web Turnpike: Your #1 Guide to the Anime & Manga Internet World!
Spoof Chase Productions
Little Washu's "Cute" Home Page
FFML Fun Critiques!: Home & Misc. Reviews
Kyo-Chan's lil' Alielle Shrine
Another El Hazard Page
Key's Homepage
Anime Marriage Prospects
The Un-Official #WASHU# Page
Did I mention #WASHU#?
[Join #WASHU#]

Some other stuff

Comedy Central's Download This!
the ONION | America's Finest News Source
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