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The Eagle......

I am the Eagle, I live in high country and rocky cathedrals that reach the sky......Come dance with the west wind and touch all the mountain tops. Scale all the canyons and up to the stars and reach for the heavens and hope for the future and all that we can be, not what we are.

--as recorded by John Denver--

Eagle Count 115

as of August 2001

1929- Alard Harding

1930- Arond Cameron

1947- Parker Ferguson

1948- Carl Jones, Hugh L. Goodpasture, James Wall, Harold Huddleston, and LeRoy Henderson

1949- Mason Henderson, Louis Brown, Jimmy Carlen, Herbert Smith, and C.P. Ferguson

1954- Charles Sullivan, Henry Frank Carlen, Tommy McReynolds, Taylor Mann, Bobby Greenwood, Walter Keith Crawford Jr., Harry Jaquess, Joe Mack Jaquess, Hubert Bennett Jr, Donald Bailey, and William Louis Johnson III

1956- Bobby Maddux, Bill Roberson, Bob Roberson, and Howard Ashburn

1958- Ronnie Gibson, Pat Williams, and Nicky Crawford

1959- Carlen Maddux, Philip Edward Wright, John W. Johnson, Nicky Carter, Phillip Bertram, James Seay Brown Jr, Dennis Bruce Plummer, and William A. Cameron

1960- W. Micheal Lewis, John J. Maddux Jr, Kenneth J. Whitteaker, and Tommy Ashburn

1961- Bobby Turner, John M. Wilson, and James Gordon Jared

1962- Mike C. Quillen

1963- David Earl Nash and William B. Carlen III

1964- Samuel Howard Cooper

1967- David G. Draper, Douglas C. Craven, Tommy Carter, Steve C. Johns, Marc D. Dorman, and Bill Murphey

1968- Steve E. Thorne and Chuck P. Freeman

1971- Keith Mandrell and Thomas M. DeLozier

1972- Frankie R. Stamps and Jere Whitson Lowe Jr

1973- Larry E. Vinson, Lee D.L. Chaffin, Stacey J. Mott Jr, David H. Denny, Timothy W. Smith, Mark A. Fox, Sullivan K. Smith, Kevin S. Smith, Alan W. Barny, and Bruce Oyston

1974- Tim D. Mandrell, Ernest U. Holzhausen, and Phillip W. Allen

1975- Denny L. Sissom, Kevin Buchanon, William A. Hatch

1977- Stanley T. Hatch

1978- Alan T. Flanders

1979- Robert E. Gann and Swayne D. Harvey

1983- Micheal R. Allen

1984- Leon M. Tolbert

1986- Micheal F. Johnson, Thomas C. Heneghan, and Gil B. Huskins

1987- Josh Bunchanon and Matthew C. Hardin

1988- Jason Paul Smith

1989- Matthew T. Brown

1991- Donovan M. Grimwood and Gary N. Case

1992- Christopher R. Bolt

1993- Jeffery R. White, Henry F. Flood, and Charles W. Parris

1994- Brian C. Winford, Kenneth Hunter, and Benjamin J. White

1995- Andrew S. Case, Aaron P. Hampton, John R. Bell, and J. Christopher Gray

1996- Jeremy D. Weston and Justin M. Wetmore

1997- Ross C. Gum and Adam B. Throckmorton

1998- Eric Winford and Whit Frankenfield

1999- Micheal Weston

2000- Bill Grady

2001- Tommy Dishman and Andy Steidl

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