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Vess and
Cleo Cola
Whistle sign
Embossed Whistle bottle Embossed Whistle bottle Embossed Whistle bottle (pinch style) Whistle crowncaps

  Since 1916

    Whistle originated in the midwest, by Silvester Jones, very popular in the 20s. Jones introduced Vess flavors around 1927, using letters from his name as the product's name. There was a change of ownership because of bankruptcy during the depression, but Whistle continued on. Paper label bottles of the teens and early 20s were followed by an unusual embossed pinch bottle in the mid-20s. Around 1938, ACL bottles, as well as the Whistle Elves were introduced and were around until the early 50s. Interesting cardboard signs, die-cuts, bottle displays and a beautiful wood and masonite cutout clock are among the most sought after collectibles.
     In 1935, the new company introduced Cleo Cola, named after the owner's favorite cigar and featured Cleopatra as a trademark. Cleo Cola advertising is classic soda pop memorabilia and is very sought after by collectors. Beautiful paper label and ACL bottles as well as some attractive tin and cardboard signs are to be found.

  • Top: Whistle Embossed Tin Sign. 6" X 9" Approx 1930.
  • First: Whistle. 6oz. Aqua embossed.
  • Second: Whistle. 6.5oz. Clear embossed. "REGISTERED"
    Whistle Bottling Co, Roanoke VA
  • Third: Whistle. 6.5oz. Clear embossed. 1926.
  • Fourth: Whistle. ACL
  • Fifth: Whistle crowncaps, the top one being the oldest of the two.
whistle_fanpull.jpg (25469 bytes)

Vess embossed bottle, green (pinch style) Vess ACL bottle Vess_10oz.jpg (14178 bytes) Vess_BBB.jpg (17499 bytes) vess.jpg (15322 bytes)
Vess Dry
A 824 8
Vess Family Size
Vess Beverages
Billion Bubbles Beverage
10oz '55
Greenville Kist Bottling Co, 10oz
Greenville, Tenn

  • Left: Cleo Cola 
    1) ACL bottle.
    2) Paper label bottle.
  • Right: Two different 
    Cleo Cola ACL bottles.

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Cleo Cola ACL bottle and paper label bottle
Cleo Cola ACL bottles

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