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Comm Pepsi for Sale
Pepsi-Cola limited edition 
commemorative bottles
Left: from the early 1900's.
Middle: from the 50s thru the 60s.
right: from the 40's thru the 50s.
$15 for set of three, includes postage within USA
Contact for postage outside USA
Originally only available in the area 
near to where Pepsi:Cola was created, 
North Carolina
Service Station

American Service Station
Ceramic building lights up (electric)

Lighted Building

Lighted Building

Drinking Glasses Drinking Glasses
Drinking Glasses

Sets of drinking glasses, 
8 glasses in each box.

Truck Bank

Truck replica bank

Coca-Cola Stein


McD Disney toys McD Disney toys
McD Disney toys McD Disney toys

(8) McDonald's Disney toys (1996) 

All items, in original box/packaging.
Only opened if necessary for photographing.

Email for pricing. Or will trade for bottles.

I have decided to clear out some of the things I have collected.
Lack of space has demanded it.
So I am parting with some things.

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