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Royal Crown Cola

    Origin: Columbus, Georgia, 1905. Originally called Union Bottling Works, this company sold several products, including Royal Crown Ginger Ale, Chero-Cola, and a number of other flavored beverages. The company became the Chero-Cola Co in 1912, and then the Nehi Corporation in 1928. After the introduction of its popular Royal Crown Cola in 1933, the company again changed its name, this time to the Royal Crown Company. It is said that Royal Crown Company was the first to nationally distribute a soft drink in cans (1954). The firm also introduced a 16oz bottle in 1965, and the first low-cal diet cola (Diet-Rite Cola) in 1962. It is believed that RC used more movie stars and celebrities to advertise their product than any other soft drink. Calendars and cardboard signs featuring movie stars are highly sought after by collectors. Bottles from RC, Chero-Cola and Nehi are also desirable. Chero-Cola also used some interesting calendars and cardboard signs. Advertising premiums from all three flavors are very collectible.

The detailed history of Royal Crown can be found HERE (Chero-Cola).

Royal Crown Cola is available at The Soda Shop.

  • Right: Early RC crowncap



See also Chero-Cola and Nehi.

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