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NuGrape and SunCrest

NuGrape embossed bottle NuGrape ACL bottle NuIcy_Emb-clear.JPG (14955 bytes) NuIcy_Emb-green.JPG (14478 bytes)
     NuGrape was first bottled in 1921. Nu- Icy flavors appeared on the market shortly after. The National NuGrape Company of Atlanta, Georgia, was organized in April 1933 to continue the sale of these product's to the nation's soft drink bottlers. 

     The Sun Crest line was added in 1938. Nu Grape produced a few trays in the 1920s, interesting bottles, and a nice group of tin signs and thermometers, but the best NuGrape advertising took the form of calendars dating from the 1920s through the 1950s.

Beginning from the left:
  1. NuGrape, 6oz, Embossed, Charleston SC
  2. NuGrape, 6oz, ACL, Atlanta GA
  3. NuIcy, 8oz, Suncrest Bottling Co., Richmond, KY
  4. NuIcy, 6oz, 4LGW4
NuGrape Sign
NuGrape sign
Nu Icy sign
NuGrape crowncap
  • Above Left: NuFrape Soda, 1940s, Cardboard sign, 8" x 10"
  • Above Top: NuGrape, 1930s, Tin sign, 14" x 20"
  • Above Bottom : Nu Icy, 1930s, Tin sign, 22" X 38"
  • Left: Early NuGrape crowncap
NuGrape_emb-grapes.JPG (18006 bytes) NuGrape-sign.jpg (29496 bytes) NuGrape-cap.jpg (12815 bytes) NuGrape-sign-2.jpg (23104 bytes)
nugrape-thermometer.jpg (38423 bytes) NuGrapeThermo.jpg (10290 bytes) NuGrape-clock.jpg (70065 bytes)
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SunCrest Soda embossed ACL bottles SunCrest crowncaps

Since 1938

  • SunCrest Soda 12oz and 10oz Embossed ACL. 
    The National NuGrape Co., Atlanta, Ga. 
    LGW '56

  • SunCrest Soda crowncaps

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