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Jumbo Beverages

Jumbo ACL bottle
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     In 1922, Charles D. Little and partner Joe S. Foster established the Good Grape Company, named for their new grape-flavored soda.

     In 1924, the name changed to Seminole Flavor Company and their first cola was Marvel Cola. Later another name change came, and trademark, to Jumbo Cola. The 7.5oz bottle was their first beverage to use ACL labels.

     In 1933, the cola formula was perfected and marketed in a 12oz bottle, twice the size of the usual 6oz, and named Double Cola, and in 1934, Double-Dry Ginger Ale and Tonic Water were added. 

     The Seminole Flavor Company became the Double Cola Company and in 1957, was the first major soft drink to use a 16oz returnable bottle. Ski was also introduced during this period, combining the natural flavor of oranges and lemons.

     Fairmont Food Company purchased Double Cola Company from Little in 1962, and in 1980, London-based KJ International purchased the company, which became the Double-Cola Co - USA, and in 1998 the manufacturing company and bottling facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee, were sold to a local drug manufacturer in preparation for the headquarters move to the heart of downtown (Chattanooga).

     Double Cola can still be purchased in some parts of Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama and Kentucky. Jumbo, revived by Double Cola, is the flavor name of their strawberry, peach, blue cream soda, grape, (the original Good Grape of 1922), orange, fruit punch, pineapple and root beer products, available in 12oz cans.

     Note: Donald Duck sodas of the early 50s, licensed by General Beverages, Inc, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, were Double Cola's gateway into the flavor beverage field.

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