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Big Chief

Big Chief 8oz embossed bottle
Big Chief embossed bottle
Big Chief embossed bottle
Big Chief embossed bottle
Big Chief ACL bottle
Big Chief was a flavor brand. It is collectible  for the Indian likenesses it has on its bottles, either embossed or painted. Many of the Big Chief bottles demand a higher price for this reason, as well as the location of the bottler and the bottle's rarity. I have seen many of these bottles with impressive price tags, from $25 up to one bottle that sold on eBay for over $400

From Mike Elling, Sharon, TN: 
"Big Chief was an early flavors soda. I don't think it was ever a product of Coca-Cola. However, many of the bottlers obtained the Coca-Cola franchise, thus many of the bottles may contain the "Property of Coca-Cola" line near the bottom of the bottle. There was a vast variety of the bottles with differences in height, facial features of Indian, writing, etc. This was probably due to each bottler obtained his own bottles, so there wasn't any standard bottle. Most bottles that I have seen are clear glass, the early ones were thick glass and quite heavy. Petretti shows one bottle that is light green. Bottles were very durable. Some from the 20's look like they had never been used. These bottles are very collectible and very attractive to display.
Since many of the bottlers of Coca-Cola used the Big Chief bottle for flavors many have connected it with Coca-Cola. I think Big Chief probably phased out with the event of Fanta and Sprite from Coca-Cola.."

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Pictured above:

  • First: Big Chief. 8oz. Clear embossed. Pickens Beverage Co. Joplin MO
  • Second: Big Chief. Aqua embossed. Dec 29 1925. Ottawa Kansas
  • Third: Big Chief. Light aqua embossed. Purity Bottling Co. Bristow Okla.
  • Fourth: Big Chief. 9oz. Clear embossed. Property of Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Clinton MO
    G-91618 '56 "CROME"
  • Fifth: Big Chief Quality Beverages. 10oz. ACL. Twin Falls Bottling Co. Fall Mills VA G-7806 '54
  • Sixth & Seventh: Two examples of Big Chief embossed bottles.
  • Eighth: Big Chief ACL bottle.
  • Left: Big Chief Seltzer bottle


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