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Welcome to the 2003 racing season. TNT Racing welcomes you back and would like to thank all of the loyal supporters who have helped us make it to what we hope will be another exciting, successful racing season. Black Oak Casino has teamed up with TNT Racing for a second year and Nathan Tucker will continue to be the talented natural behind the wheel. In 2003, TNT Racing will be making another run for the SRL Wild West Shootout Championship. This competitive central California racing series is compiled of 12 races taking place at the following venues: Altamont Raceway, Madera Speedway and Stocton 99 Speedway. The 2003 SRL schedule can be viewed by clicking the link below. We look forward to seeing everyone out at the track. TNT Racing team members include:
  • Harold Tucker Owner
  • Nathan Tucker Driver
  • Ryan (Goat) Wynne Tire Specialist
  • Dave Lewellen Mechanic
  • Mike Drennan Spotter
  • Ida Tucker Caterer
  • Carol Krawchuk Scorer

3.22.03: Altamont Raceway-Race Results: 7th

  • 3.30.03: Stockton 99 Speedway-Race Results: 16th
  • 5.31.03: Altamont Raceway-Race Results: 19th