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3/5/00                                   Marilyn Pulls The Plug

-Rolling Stone
Marilyn Manson doesn't want any two-bit hacks tinkering with his artistic vision, so he's pulling the plug on his plan for a grandiose concept film called Holy Wood. A post on Manson's official site ( explains that, while several film companies had expressed an interest in the project, "in light of the unprecedented and controversial nature of Holy Wood," Manson has decided to turn the idea into two separate books, rather than risk it being watered down or distorted in the process of production. One book, to be called Holy Wood, will be a "graphic and phantasmagoric novel," the other a "fine art coffee-table book" of images inspired by the novel and Manson's upcoming album, which he has renamed Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death). "This is something I've been picking at for ten years," writes Manson on the site, "and I hope it inspires you onto your own transformation." The album and novel are due out this fall.


3/5/00                     Charles Manson Song Covered By Manson

Shock-rocker Marilyn Manson released a cover of convicted murderer Charles Manson's song "Sick City" on Monday as a download on his Web site (
The two-minute acoustic song was labeled "an impromptu Valentine's Day gift to fans" by Manson, who said on the site that the track will not be included on his band's upcoming album, In the Shadow of the Valley of Death, or in his imminent feature film debut, "Holywood." His publicist, Tresa Redburn, confirmed the singer wrote the information on the site.