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The Temple of Fine Arts aspires to be an institution that would promote the promising young citizen of character having faith in himself and his love for the arts, so that he is not left without an avenue for artistic and personal development merely for want of funds.

The Temple seeks to be formative more than informative, and does not have for its end mere acquisition of knowledge. Its legitimate sphere is not only to develop natural talents but also to shape them and to enable them to absorb and express the permanent values of culture.

It strives to take into account not only the facets of a student's personality but the totality of his relations and lead him to the highest self-fulfilment of which he is capable.

The reintegration of the arts, which is the primary object of The Temple Of Fine Arts, can only be attained through a study of forces, movements, motives, ideas, forms and creative life-energy through which it has expressed itself in different ages as a single continuous process.

The Temple seeks to stimulate the student's power of expression, in all forms of art, at every stage in accordance with the highest ideals attained by the great Masters.

The technique which the Temple aspires to adopt involves -

(1) The adoption by the teacher of the GURU attitude which consists in taking a personal interest in each student; inspiring and encouraging him to develop his inherent talent; entering into his life wich a view to form ideals and creating in him a love for the arts; and

(2) The adoption by the student of the SISHYA attitude by the development of : (i) respect for the teacher (ii) a spirit of inquiry (iii) a spirit of service towards the teacher and the institution.

The ultimate aim of The Temple of Fine Arts is to teach one and all to appreciate and live up to the permanent values of the arts which flow from the Creative Consciousness of the Universe.

Updated: June 13,1998.

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