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All About Birth Control
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This site was created to be used as an informative tool and should not be used as a substitution to the doctor's office. I am not a doctor. My purpose is to inform the public of their choices when it comes to birth control.


Welcome to the web site for all your information, questions and answers for birth control of all types. I have personally only had experiences with Depo-Provera and Ortho Tri-Cyclen. However, I have done extensive research on other methods of birth control. I hope you enjoy my site and share it with others because information is such a powerful tool!!!

If you would like any further information what so ever, just email me and I will respond ASAP. I am only putting limited information on here as to keep the pages short but informative.

Please note, that you will more than likely find contradicting information on my web site. When this happens, it is something that I have came across on my research and wasn't for sure what was true and wasn't so I used both. Most information is referenced in the provided material. Other than that, I have two links sections where I got most of my information.

I have created this site out of my desire to share information with the public online. This site is free of cost and should only be used as referencing/researching material. This site is updated regularly and is currently undergoing major updates.

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[Norplant| Side Effects etc...]

[IUD| DOs, DO NOTs & Side Effects]

[Birth Control in a nutshell| My Depo Story]

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Contact me with any/all suggestions, compliments, dead links, complaints, etc.

This entire site was last updated 7-30-07