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River West Festival Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma
July 26th 12-9 p.m.


Hanson Fanfest 2001

Announcements and Welcome: 11:55-12:00 pm
Allison Rae Kane: 12:00-12:40
'WBF' Surprise: 12:45-1:00
Blue Background: 1:00-1:40
Karoake: 1:40-2:20
Wendi freaturing Cyder: 2:20-3:00
Hanson Quiz 4 Prizes: 3:00-3:20
Black Midnight: 3:20-4:00
Emalya: 4:00-4:40
Invizable: 4:45-5:25
Open Mic: 5:30-6:30
Intermision: 6:30-7:00


Secrets: 7:00-800
Jessica Harp: 8:00-9:00

    All of the bands did a meet and greet after their performances, signed autographs and took pictures with fans. They also had their merchandise and CD's avaliable for purchase! Some raffled off prizes to be given away!

    Several booths were set up at Hanson Fanfest. Such as the Trading table, Scrapbook table, HTP Magazine booth, Hanson Yearbook booth, donations table and several others.

    The weather was perfect and not too hot! Everything went well to my knowledge. The turn out was about 700-800 or so fans. This is only an estimated amount I could be wrong. Some fans traveled from as far as Canada and some came from over seas just to be a part of Hansonfest. Several drawings and raffles took place that day. Congratulations to all of the winners. I have pics of some of the winners and I hope to have them up soon!

Some of the prizes included:

    * A Hanson drawing donated by Monica Geist of "Masterpiece of Hanson" website (won by Becka from Tulsa)
    * An autographed Hanson T-shirt donated by the guys themselves (Congratulations to Tara from Missouri for winning the T-shirt!)
    * Several autographed pics from Hanson, Secrets, and other performers
    * Moe CD's and CD's over 100 were donated
    * Moe frisbees 2 were donated
    * Hanson stickers
    * Hanson tatoos
    * Hanson pin/markers
    * "This Time Around" CD single donated by myself
    * "This Time Around" cassette single donated by myself
    * 12 Hanson photo keychains donated by myself
    * An autographed Secrets CD (won by Becka from Tulsa)
    * Several pics of Jessica Harp
    * An 8X10 pic of Taylor Hanson taken by Jessica herself
    * An autographed CD from Jessica Harp
    * Several HTP Magazines
    * 2 Hanson Yearbooks, 5 8x10 Hanson photos... along with other prizes
    * 3 Hanson Penyatas (Won by Becka, and sisters Kendra and Kasey all from Tulsa!)

    Thanks to all who donated prizes for Hansonfest and to everyone who made it possible.
    I'm sure there were more prizes, but these are the ones I remembered.
    If you know of others I will be glad to add them!
Some of the performers:

Picture of Josh performing as Zac and autograph.

Jessica Harp and Becka.

Some of the prize winners:

From left to right: Ashley - One of the staff members for HansonFest, who also put the afterparty together who is from Tulsa, Becka from Tulsa who was the Grand Prize winner of the Hanson drawing, Hanson autographed picture, A Secrets autographed picture and a Hanson keychain. Becka was also the winner of the karaoke contest along with Kendra and Kasey from Tulsa. They each won a Hanson Penyata. And last but not least myself. I was a guest at Hansonfest and I also donated several of the prizes given away at HansonFest. Picture taken by Barbara from Tulsa

From left to right: Ashley, Tara won autographed Hanson Shirt and Becka won Hanson drawing by Monica Geist and autographed hanson pic.


The afterparty was scheduled for 9:30 p.m. immediately following HansonFest at the Adams Mark Hotel in Tulsa. Members of the Staff, all of the Bands that performed at Hansonfest were present at the party! Things started off a bit slow but, a fun time was had by all. Admiral Twin, Nathan Brant, Jessica Harp, Secrets, Invizable, Emalaya, Black Midnight, Wendi, Blue Background, and Allison Rae Kane where present at the afterparty. Many signed autographs and took pictures with the fans. HTP magazine was also present and did interviews for the next issue.

One sad note was that because of security reasons Hanson could not enter the Hotel! Well, there's always next year to look forward to. I'm sure they were as disappointed as we were that they couldn't make an appearance at the Afterparty!

I left the party a bit early but, I did manage to get several autographs and pictures. I meet alot of people there that I became friends with over the internet. I wanna give a shout out to Erin, Shanna, and all the members of "Black Midnight", Barbara and Becka, Ashley, Ashley's mom and her 2 little sisters Kendra and Kasey from Tulsa and to Kirsten and her dad from New York!" I also wanna say "Hi!" to Josh/Laura the Zac look alike. You did an awesome job of being Zac for a day! You Rock! Tammy aka (SYAH)

Below is a pic of Admiral Twin and Nathan Brant taken by my good friend Barbara from Tulsa! I will add more pictures as they become available to me.

Some Fanfesters at the AfterParty.

Admiral Twin and Nathan Brant at the Afterparty!

My Admiral Twin Autograph

Becka and Nathan Brant at Fanfest smiling for the camera!

My Nathan Brant Autograph

Note* Thanks to Lindsay and Shannon of Secrets for the use of this picture!

Bottom row from left to right: First persons name unknown (But I do remember that she won the Hanson Trivia contest), Laura (Zac lookalike in Tuxedo shirt), Kirsten from New York in yellow blouse, Tara from Missouri (she won the autographed Hanson shirt), girl in black blouse name unknown (she maybe Tara's sister because they look alike), Barbara (my good friend from Tulsa), Me with the white baseball cap on and Becka Barbara's 10 year old daughter. (she won the Karoke contest and the Grand prize that day)! All other persons behind the first row unknown. If you know anyone else in the picture just let me know and I will add their names for you.

Visiting the Moe House to pick up the prizes
and autographed merchandise the morning of the Fanfest.
(Click for larger view!)

Hanson's BackYard. Notice the soccer net.
(Click for larger view!)

Drapp Studios in Tulsa.

Drapp Studios where Hanson
recorded the early stuff.

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