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silent friction's last show
with oliver's army, my epiphany, the letters organize, the risk and sadie hawkins
the muse (4th ave s.) $5 for all ages
6pm sharp!

first off, i just want to say thank you guys for five amazing years. we love each and every one of you more than words can express and want to thank you for all your love and support. in the end, the three of us wanted to do different things and had different ideas of what silent friction should be. we still love each other like brothers, which is the only way we can genuinely walk away from this with smiles and amazing memories. we are still going to finish this album and post it on the site for free download. and we have one last show just for you guys. scheduled guests include raf cevallos and kelby caldwell, so we'll have the whole team there so that we can play any and all songs you guys want to hear.

this is really hard for all of us, but we think it's going to be for the best. we will be using this site to keep you updated on future projects from the three of us and please feel free to drop us a line on the message board. we always respect the ideas and opinions of our fans because you guys have always been our driving force.

what the future holds, none of us can know. it is likely that you'll see us around at shows and probably even making music together again somehow somewhere someday. this isn't a typical band breakup, as we respect each others ideas and decisions and love the music we made together. but there is a whole lot to being in a serious band and other complications have led us to the decision that now is a good time for each of us to try something new. thank you guys again for everything. the closeness we feel to the people that love our music is what this is all about.

much love,
-matt and silent friction

nathan's new project- the darling hearts
matt's new project with bob formerly of oliver's army- the pink spiders
(interested guitar/bass players, please email

matt's solo project- straight jacket valentine
new record "the turncoat ep" due out in september 2003

new and noteworthy (updated june 5th, 2003):

- we are currently touring the U.S. with my epiphany. check out our tour diary to see how it's going.

-bio page updated

-sign up for our street team here

-completed drum tracking for the new record "post genre music" may 10th-11th with producer/engineer stephen "crash" wilson. sessions took place at the beta lab in nashville tn. in other album news, scheduled guest musicians include dave paulson (esposito, character), swingset (my epiphany) and the nashville symphony. we'll keep you posted on details as we come by them

-tour kick off show may 30th at the muse (with my epiphany, oliver's army, sadie hawkins, the risk and the cardinal year) be there!!!

-14 demos for the new album are now complete

-rare mp3s (including demos of songs not included on the thought that counts) available here

-new album the thought that counts now available

-read the rage review and the review
- press
-new album lyrics here
-listen to mp3s here
-see some cover shot outtakes here
-buy cds and merch here

the thought that counts now available for purchase at tower records (west end), cd warehouse (21st ave), spat! record shop (in the muse on 4th ave), catís music (murfreesboro), grimey's (near 100 oaks) and at shows.

-check out matt's straight jacket valentine acoustic project at
-contact us at or on aim "silentfriction"
-post your comments, opinions, ideas, lies, complaints, threats, thoughts, concerns, or just say hello on our new message board


friday may 30th at the muse
7pm $5 all ages
silent friction, my epiphany, oliver's army, the risk, the cardinal year, sadie hawkins

the rest are posted in the tour section

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