Last update: 12/19/02
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Military Families Webring by Dale Catron
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Tim's Army Engineer Page

Why I joined the Army National Guard
Selfless Service
Personal Courage

Protect America by joining the Army National Guard: You Can! I Did!
If not, sleep well at night knowing that WE are protecting you!

Military Oriented Websites

The Virtual Armory (National Guard Super Site)
U.S. Military Website (News, etc.)
Virtual Battalion Headquarters
U.S. Army Website
Tennessee National Guard Site
194th Engineer Brigade Site
National Guard Recruitment Site
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Association of the United States Army
Army Engineer Association
Fort Leonard Wood
Veterans Affairs
Files and/or Other Sites
Engineer Officer Basic Course
Kathy's Great Military Link Site

I am a proud member of
The 913th Engineer Company, 194th Engineer Bde
Tennessee Army National Guard!

My other favorite sites:
  1. My other homepage
  2. Check for old friends!
  3. Check the Stock Market!
  4. Let's play with eBay!
  5. E-mail is cool at HotMail!
  6. Angelfire web page maintenance!
  7. Yippy YAHOO, let's search!
  8. Free e-mail and internet at Juno

See My Army Life in Pictures!

Watch your step!!! Those mines might be armed!!!

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