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Wonderful Wyss Wace

 It was a clear and light air morning as we gathered at the club house to review the destination
 of the race. The race captain set the turning point of the race and set the start time.
 The boats were preped and provisioned for the days race with the possibility of light air and 
 the necessity of not running out of food, risking the possibility of a mutiny.
 The race started and the boats prepared for a long down wind leg past, way past Goat Island.

Pic of the fleet

We were noticing the beautiful colours of the sails behind us and also noticed the spinnaker on Honey Bear was growing. My!, but what a big oversized spinnaker you have Honey Bear! The next thing we knew we were dueling for position with Honey Bear.If you looked to the North it was Honey Bear. If you looked to the South it was Presto. Kirk requested a shortening of the course to accomidate the cursing err cruising fleet. He was concerned about the wind becoming light, variable and a little non-existant. After rounding the mark and dropping the chute it was a beat and reach on the way back. It allowed Harry on Honey Bear a little free time to clean up a few loose ends. It wasn't long before we saw See Ya and then the cruising boats dueling it out. We had a great time calling the wind shifts and tacking on almost all of the headers and even got the chute up a couple times on the way back. We crossed the line first and headed back to the dock. We didn't see many boats and became a little concerned that Bud could be in trouble.

Realizing that Bud may not have provisioned adaquately for an extended trip due to the light air we tried to tempt him with an Ice Cold Pete's Wicked Ale. Kirk called the race and all headed in to the dock. Bud held true to his first love and insisted on a Bud.