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Luxury Cruising in Your Back Yard

This Spring the club decided to have the trip to German Creek as a cruise instead of a race. With sporadic and less than light and variable, cruising was an excellent idea. Some of the boats left early and some of us could only leave later in the afternoon. With a little embellishment here is the cruising report.

Travel to exciting exotic ports of call! The yachts Presto and Catnip spent the late afternoon crossing tacks as they plotted their courses in anticipation of reaching the exotic Port of Call, German Creek. As the sun slowly descended to the horizon we were finally approaching anchorage. We were greeted by the friendly natives (Eddie and Terry Wilson) as they came out to meet using their crude floating craft ( jet ski). We dropped sail, secured anchorage and proceeded to hike up to the local village (restaurant). On our way we discovered the yacht "Prime Time" had been abandoned and we were concerned that foul play had come of her crew. Why were the natives so friendly?

After careful consideration we concluded that it was a coincidence and we found comfortable accommodations as we joined the local natives in the festivities. At this time the sun, a blazing orange ball was descending past the horizon, the evening was setting in. We were soon joined by another brave explorer, Ted Comer.

The evening's feast proceeded along with the local beverages of choice. After many hours of feasting,, drinking, dancing and chanting around the local spin doctor (dj), the natives wandered off to their humble digs for some needed sleep. We returned to our anchorage where we were able to lay back and watch the stars in the heaven as we dozed off.

The next morning we discovered that the yacht "Beach Comer" had left early with the tides. We slept in and were able enjoyed a gourmet breakfast of fresh baked biscuits, bacon, coffee and the rest of that good stuff. The remaining fleet pulled anchor and plotted course back home. The winds allowed us to fly the chutes for a while before the winds died and then filled from the West-Northwest.

When the sun was high over head we realized that it was time to light the grill and hailed Catnip that lunch was on the way. We rafted the boats together and trimmed sails to allow us to make headway. Thanks to Bob and Sue's foresight in having plenty of ice cold beverages, for us to trade Presto dogs for we had a leisurely meal. For the final leg of the journey we enjoyed light winds until we reached our final destination. We had a blast, but wished that more of us could have been there to enjoy the fun, but there is always next time!!