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       Santana 25      The 1/4 Ton


I = 31.2        P =  27            Disp  = 4050 Lbs         PHRF = 222
J =  10          E = 7.8            Draft =   4.1 ft

Sail boat design was a product of rating formulas and rules. In the late 60's early 70's the  International Offshore Rule (IOR) was developed as a by product of the Cruising Club of America (CCA) rule for racer/cruisers.  They developed level  classes where all boats could compete without the usual PHRF handicaps. It was back to the best boat winning by finishing first.  There were 1/4 ton, 1/2 ton, one ton, etc for classes.

Sailboat designers utilized variables for length, length of the water line, beam, sailarea, mast height, boom length, displacement............ to try to increase drive, reduce wetted friction and maximise hull speed..

1/4 ton class home page

 Out of the Blue  1/4 Ton home page

Examples of other 1/4 ton boats are the Ranger 23 and Ron Hollands EYGTHENE.

interior forward    Interior  forward port side of the S25

interior aft
 Interior  aft port side of the S25

There are a few S25 still out there. Mike Roth has found   Hull # 105  Built Sept 74, >  Model S25 Mk I.

It takes a lot of time and effort to clean up and restore the older boats that have been at the mercy of time and the elements. Here are a few photos that Mike sent in of his find and project:

haul out Jan 2008


keal growth

interior forward starboard

interior aft port


Sales photo

sales photo

aft at dock

interior forward

More information received from Carles Kyler. This S25 site is only here because of contributions from S25 owners. racing overview

racing overview

Schock documented the trim for racing conditions in a 6 page summary. It would be an excellent place to start to evaluate you boats characteristics. Local conditions may influence sail trim and selection.
racing overview

racing overview

racing overview

racing overview

racing overview

racing overview