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There are many Santana 25 boats out there and I have not found a web site dedicated to them. With the interest in this boat and the questions I have received concerning them, they will be added to this site in their own setion. I do not have any access to the 25, so I must depend on the 25 owners for information for this part of the site. If you have stories or pics of your boats please submit them to me for posting.

The Santana 25 was designed in the early 70's before the 525was a glimmer in Shad Turners Eyes. It was designed as a 1/4 tonner and thus it is different in shape and construction from the 525. The specifications are as follows:

I = 31.2        P =  27            Disp  = 4050 Lbs         PHRF = 222
J =  10          E = 7.8            Draft =   4.1 ft
  I can add more information to this site with all of the S-25 owners help.

PLEASE SEND JPGS OF YOUR BOATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hull Identification            Owner                Boat Name              Email Address                         Location
 Date      #
0076    017   S25        Steve Lebowitz         Whimsey       Annopolis, Maryland
0105    097   S25        Mike Roth          ?????            Port Townsend Wa 98368