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    The purpose of the one-design class association is to promote one-design racing, and to keep racing at an economical price so that more people may enjoy it. It is also to maintain the one-design features of the one designed Santana 525, and bring people together from different areas so they con compete under a common rule, and have a living set of bylaws and articles to assure an equal and fair chance for all competitors.
    In addition, it is the policy of the association to cooperate with other organizations, and in turn insist on strict observations and compliance with the rules of the Santana 525 class members.
    The class has elected offers who administer these class articles and bylaws, organize the national class championships, and publish and maintain a current list of all Santana 525 class members.
    The offers consist of the president, Vice president, secretary, treasurer, chief measurer, editor of the newsletter, and a permanent representative of the W.D.SCHOCK CORPORATION.
    The national class association also promotes and organizes local fleets, encourages local racing, and other family activities.
    Being a member of the national class association and a local fleet is the best insurance policy that a boat owner can have. There is more od a resale value on the boats that have an active one-design  class association than boats that do not.