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Words of love consoling
Like a work of art
Moments of sweet pleasure
They always have a part

Take me to a mountain
With air so clean to breathe
Scented with the sweet sachet
Of flowers scented breeze

Sitting in a meadow
With pond so crystal clear
Ripples made by gracious swans
Majestically so near

Garden filled with roses
Their petals soft and sweet
Dancing down upon me
The crown makes me complete

Rain within a forest
The gentle water soothes
Special thoughts they come to me
With touching words that soothe

Time it just seem to move along
While reading words of rhyme
Every thought just fills my soul
This beauty so divine.

~ 2001 Francine Pucillo ~

Welcome to my home on the web. This setting is how I feel when things are troubling me... I seek out my favorite of all things... the water & a book. The peace and tranquility of hearing the rushing water, and nothing else, seems to be what soothes me the most. I enjoy going and just sitting, thinking or not thinking... I take along a good book along and sit there, relaxing to the sound of the waves. All in all, it is the water and it's soothing sounds that comfort me and help me to get grounded again.

Please come inside to visit my site, learn more about me and perhaps visit some of the wonderful links to other's sites, if you wish. I hope your journey into my "niche" is enjoyable and interesting. If you would be so kind... either email me or sign my guestbook, so that I may know you were here.

May you find some comfort here.... Be well.

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