92.3 K-Rock Interview - 4/6/99

Cane: Hey, how are you?

Marilyn: I'm good. I'm relaxed, got my shoes off.

Cane: I was wondering what the odor was when I walked in here.

Marilyn: Oh, that's just some residual Courtney Love that has remained on the tour. It's like a sulfur, sort of egg smell.

Cane: I'm glad you said that because I was gonna go there anyway of course. What exactly happened, why is she no longer on the tour?

Marilyn: Ironically it wasn't because of personal problems. It was just basically, they were a band that hasn't toured much in their career and they discovered the hard way that we have a very loyal fan base. They didn't have quite as large as one as they might have thought they did. So they were playing in front of a lot of our crowd, so I think they just kinda quit, they just gave up. Their gonna go play Holiday Inns or something now.

Cane: (laughs) Yeah, they weren't being treated as well as you guys were obviously. Was she hit with crap? I was hearing her bitch about she got hit with a shoe and she cried onstage, what was up with that?

Marilyn: I hope so (laughs). I didn't see, I didn't watch their show. It was hard enough to listen to it through concrete, but I didn't get to watch it. But I heard they had some problems.

Cane: Do you like their music at all or what?

Marilyn: Yeah! I like them.

Cane: But you totally hate her, I mean your slamming her like every chance you get. Is she like this total bitch or what?! When you guys bump into eachother what's the conversation like?

Marilyn: Let me put it this way, I don't hate her but I can't resist mocking her because she's so full of shit. That's all.

Cane: Maybe it's cause she's retarted because retarted people are the ones you can't resist mocking. So I'm assuming she's retarted. (laughs)

Marilyn: I dunno. That's giving a bad name to retarted people.

Cane: Right, (laughs) just by throwing her in with them! Well my brother's retarted so he should feel insulted. So she's fake? Is everything out of her mouth a lie, is she two faced, backstabber, you know, what is she?

Marilyn: Nah. I dunno, it's just...if your gonna be something, then just be it....don't try it and don't try to pretend that your something else. I think I liked Hole a lot better when she was more messed up with drugs, because then they had a reason to sound so bad. Now they just sound bad. It was like...they should break their instruments, not us. Because they didn't know what they were doing with them. It was like they had picked them up for the first time or something.

Cane: From what I understand, I heard that Courtney was dissing me because I would go on the air and say stuff like 'I liked her better when she had the bruises on her track marks and I didn't like this new fake dressed up pretty barbie courtney' and she took offense to that.

Marilyn: The word pretty is used real liberally. I think...well go ahead and use it but it's only post airbrushing.

Cane: Oh it is?

Marilyn: Yeah.

Cane: So she's like fat and bloated...

Marilyn: Well your using your own words.

Cane: But your not stopping me! (laughs)

Marilyn: Well, that's like an insult to her.

Cane: Like you haven't anymore than I have! (laughs)

Marilyn: Well...she looks good for a women of her age whose given birth to children and has had a hard life with drugs and alcohol.

Cane: You probably think she killed Kurt (Cobain) too don't you?

Marilyn: I wouldn't go that far. But I wouldn't say it was a good idea for him to marry her. You know what, in the end I like Courtney because she amuses me like a clown would.

Everyone: (laughs)

Marilyn: A clown with tits (laughs). The word tits, here, again, are being used very liberally.

Cane: Right. I heard she called you a clown with tits?

Marilyn: Uh, that's a good thing.

Cane: Really?

Marilyn: Yeah! Clowns make people happy and so do tits.

Cane: That's true.

AltarBoy: You already heard about the controversy with your t-shirt? I think it was the girl arrested in...kentucky for the obscenity...for 250 dollars.

Marilyn: I heard about this. I'm gonna have to send her some more shirts.

Cane: What about the money for the ticket? Send her that.

Marilyn: Yeah, I'll send her some drugs too, I'll send her whatever she wants.

Cane: If I go get arrested will you send me some drugs too?

Marilyn: I will send her some really unflattering photos of Courtney that Twiggy took.

Cane: (laughs) Alright, that sounds fair.

Marilyn: And that by far more offensive by any words that could have been on the back of my shirt, trust me.

Cane: One more thing. The last time I saw you on Letterman, it's like, he was totally being kind of a dink to you. Do you get along with that guy? Do you like eachother? Cause he was talking down to you.

Marilyn: Well the thing is, last time I was on there....I kind of...I didn't play his game and go along with all of his nonsense and I kind of got the best of him. So they invited me back and I think he just wanted to make an ass out of me or something. They were trying to play mind tricks on me by saying stuff like 'listen, this is going to air on Thanksgiving so you have to tell them what you did on Thanksgiving'. And you know, I didn't do anything on Thanksgiving because I was busy getting in trouble for setting dressing rooms on fire. So it was this big weird thing.... and he wears more makeup than me.

Everybody: (laughs)

Marilyn: I'll kick the shit out of that Paul Schafer guy cuz he...he just looks like... just like a dick with glasses.

Everyone: (Laughs)

Marilyn: He's literally shaped like a dick, (laughs) he has foreskin for a neck. I'll break his piano and kick the sh.....but I gotta get my hands on Conan O' Brian. That guy....

Cane: Don't you like him?

Marilyn: I do. It's just that....he needs a good Marilyn Manson visit, that's all.

Cane: Alright. Well hopefully he'll hear this and he'll book you on the show. Marilyn, thanks very much for taking the time out, I hope you have a great show tonite and a great tour.

Marilyn: Thanks.

Cane: Your welcome. Marilyn Manson live on K-Rock, here's the new song Rock Is Dead on 92.3 K-Rock.

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