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Racquetball Spotlight
Nashville, TN

Road Warriors, don't leave your gear behind when travelling!  Pack the basics and check out the local facilities.  Or, if you don't mind playing with a wide range of racquets, check out a racquet from the local club.  Many will be more than glad to help you line up a match or join in their challenge court.  The best plan is to call ahead as soon as you get in town, so that you both have time to contact someone to set up a match.  Don't be bashful about asking someone on the courts, if they would like to play.

Many clubs establish reciprocal agreements with local hotels.  Inquire about such arrangements when booking your hotel room.  If you already know of hotels and clubs with such arrangements, please let us know so that we can add them to our listing.

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Associated Club
Nashville, TN Westin Downtown Athletic Club