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Junior Rule Modifications
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Racquetball is an excellent sport for juniors.  It:

Junior Rule Modifications:
In general, the USRA's standard rules governing racquetball play will be followed except for the modifications which follow.

In general, the ball remains in play as long as it is bouncing.  However, the player may swing only once at the ball and the ball is considered dead at the point it stops bouncing and begins to roll.  Also, anytime the ball rebounds off the back wall, it must be struck before it crosses the short line on the way to the front wall, except as explained in Rule 6.2.

Rule 6.2  BLAST RULE
If the ball caroms from the front wall to the back wall on the fly, the player may hit the ball from any place on the court--including past the short line--so long as the ball is still bouncing.

Two parallel lines (tape may be used) should be placed across the front wall such that the bottom edge of one line is 3 feet above the floor and the bottom edge of the other line is 1 foot above the floor. During the rally, any ball that hits the front wall (i) below the 3-foot line and (ii) either on or above the 1-foot line must be returned before it bounces a third time.  However, if the ball hits below the 1-foot line, it must be returned before it bounces twice.  If the ball hits on or above the 3-foot line, the ball must be returned as described in the basic return rule.

All games are played to 11 points and the first side to win two games, wins the match.

What's Up Juniors:
Heather Collins (age 8) placed 4th at Junior Regionals in Birmingham, AL

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Local Junior Programs:
Contact Person
Athletic Club Maryland Farms Skill Development: Covers basic rules, safety, forehand/backhand strokes, and serves. Players receive 30 minutes of instruction and 30 minutes of round robin play. Dates: Tuesdays, 4:30-5:30p/Sept. 1, 8,15, 22, 29 Oct. 6, Cost: $30/member $37.50/guest
Round Robin Play: Need to have completed Skill Development program or have a player assessment prior to sign-up. Players will participate in 20 minutes of skill drills and 40 minutes of round robin play. Dates: Thursdays, 4:30-5:30p/Sept. 3, 10, 17, 24, Oct. 1 Oct. 6, Cost: $30/member, $37.50/guest
Junior League Play: Organized league play with T-shirts and 1st & 2nd place awards. Participants must have a player assessment prior to sign-up. League will run for 8 weeks. Call 373-5120 for more details. Cost: $20/member, $25/guest
Jr. Challenge Ladder: Play will start with an Olympic format tournament to assign participants to Red, Blue, Silver, or Gold Ladders. Players may then challenge other juniors within their skill ladder. Great opportunity to meet other junior players. Call 373-5120 for more details.
Nancy Eng 373-2900/
World Gym Walter McDade 366-1063
Rutherford YMCA Bill Byford 895-5995/

Junior Worlds:FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 8, 1998



COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Over 300 athletes from approximately 10 nations will invade the Los Caballeros Sports Village in Fountain Valley, Calif., to compete in the Pro Kennex International Racquetball Federation (IRF) 10th World Junior Racquetball Championships. The event runs from Dec. 18-22, 1998 and will award 31 titles in singles, doubles and mixed doubles competition.

LOOKING FOR A SUCCESSFUL DEFENSE: For three of this year's singles competitors - Rocky Carson (Santa Maria, Calif.), Jack Huczek (Rochester Hills, N.Y.) and Lisa Kerr (White Rock, B.C., Canada) - the 1998 Pro Kennex IRF World Junior Championships will supply a chance for them to repeat as champions in their respective age divisions.

A four-time world junior titleist, Carson won of the boy's 18-and-under singles division in '96 and '97. Huczek has won six consecutive age division world singles crowns - including last year's boy's 14-and-under title. Meanwhile, Canadian Kerr managed to take home both the girl's 16-and-under and 18-and-under championships in '97. Kerr now owns five world junior singles gold medals.

INVESTING IN GOLD: For Dublin, Ohio's Shane Vanderson, maybe breaking open that piggy bank and buying some of the precious metal (gold) would be a sound investment. A member of the 1998-99 U.S. Junior National Team, Vanderson holds the record for most gold medals won at the annual World Junior Championships with 11 singles and doubles crowns, combined. Huczek is second on the all-time list with eight.

SUPER SIBLINGS: The pride of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, Kris and Karina Odegard own a combined 10 world junior first-place medals. Kris captured the '97 boy's 16-and-under crown, while sister Karina - who's earned seven gold's at the World Juniors, took last year's girl's 14-and-under division along with the girl's 18-and-under doubles championship with partner Amanda MacDonald. The Odegard's 10 gold medals are the most ever by a family at the World Juniors.

GOING GLOBAL: Among this year's competing countries are: Venezuela, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ireland, United States, Canada, Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina and Puerto Rico. The World Cup will be awarded to the country whose official team delegation earns the most points while advancing through the collective draws. Since the inception of the team competition format, the U.S. Junior National Team has won all seven titles. Mexico and Canada finished second and third, respectively, in '97.

For more information please contact Kevin Vicroy, IRF Media/Public Relations Manager, at (719) 635-5396 ext. 126 or e-mail to: