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The Ozark Howler and The Eastern Cougar

I must disagree vigorously with Dr. Joach's suggestion that the Ozark Howler may be a variant of the famed Eastern Cougar. Although our analysis of the print casts and photographs from his archives shows a probable relation to the cougar, its irregularly large front haunches, dark coloring, and distinctive vocalizations clearly distinguish the animal from any known cougar.

I cannot concur with his description of sightings as "recent". In my research, I have interviewed many individuals who claim to have seen the howler during their youth many decades ago.

These and other controversies that have plagued the relatively small community of howler cryptozoologists cause me to question the wisdom of containing our inquiries under the single organization of the Howler Research Group. It seems that we have already splintered into many different camps, and it may be best for us to formalize these divisions.

Please email me at necroak@goplay.comif you have any suggestions or information about sightings of the OZARK HOWLER.


States in which the Ozark Howler has been sighted:

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