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Many Thanks to all Our Angels!

Messages from your Administrators:


After weeks of meetings, prayers and input from our members, the panel of Docroger, Basedrum, TNTeddy and January have voted unanimously to end Our Beanie Angels June 30th.
Even though we have 176 members, we only have about 20 active members including ourselves.
Beanie Babies are on the decline and most sites that are beanie related are either closing or cutting way back.
OBA has done wonderful donations and each member is an "Angel" to us. You have brought so many little ones happiness and you can be proud of what we have done together.
I know some of you will not be happy with our decision, but the panel feels the time has come to end OBA.
We will do the Seattle Donation as planned and then with all leftover and donated beanies we will make our last donation the Kellogg Middle School.
Out of all the donations we made, Kellogg was the most appreciative. I will be contacting Mr. Silver tomorrow about our decision.
We are all sad about Our Beanie Angels coming to an end, and this decision was not made lightly, but we wanted to let you know now instead of leaving you hanging.
We hope you support our decision and understand. Thank you for always being our "Angels" because you really are angels... thank you from the bottom of my heart...

Janet Knapp (docroger)


We will continue to collect beanies for the Seattle Hospital until June 10th.
We will use the remaining beanies and cash plus any new donations received after June 10th for one last shipment to the Kellogg School.
I want to thank everyone for your support.
I have made some great friends here at OBA and I am glad to have made contact with many of you.
I know that there are many happy children today from the efforts that we made.
Thanks for everything.
Thanks for the memories.
Keep in touch!

Don aka TNTeddy


It seems to me that the DEMISE of our "Band of Angels" is rather metaphoric in its truth.
We all started this thing with a child like enthusiasum, sort of a goal or purpose in each of our lives to endow others by showing our care and concern.
We were in effect trying to attain a glimpse of angeldom ourselves. Did we succeed? The real Angels will only know the truth.
And if we truly believe in real Angels then WE KNOW the truth.
While taking MY little angel Calob to school yesterday morning I listened as usual to his incredible wisdom that is only apparent to children and he told me a thought.
"Nana", he said, "You know I think that we all worry too much about this life of's really all okay. You see it's just a dream.." he looked out of the car window and stared at the cloudy sky, " and you can make it a good dream or a bad dream." he paused and then continued, "I try to make my everyday a good dream.. and you should too, 'cause it makes the clouds so much better to look at.." He was quiet for a moment and then said, "Cause when you's just going to sleep... and then you wake up again a new baby with a new dream for the I think it should be a nice one."
I pulled into the school parking lot and out of the car he went, turning to throw me a kiss goodbye.
So let's all throw a kiss goodbye to our Angel World and just go to sleep knowing that we shall all awake with a new dream for a new and better day.

Barbara aka January.


Our Beanie Angel Members,
Late last evening I wrote my comments on eGroups and somewhere it has been lost in the internet highway.
With saddened heart, it was unanimous, as of June 30th OBA will be ending as we know it today.
No words can express it any better than the above three messages of our founders, TNTeddy, Docroger and January.
There has been so much joy, so many smiles, that our donation of beanies and other stuffed little fellows have brought to children from the Midwest to the East Coast.
We all should be so proud of the leadership of the above three.
I wish to thank them as it was an unbelieveable task they have accomplished.
The warmth and friendships formed through OBA I will never forget.
So our Founders and Members, I truly Thank You for everything.

LaRue aka basedrum

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