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Why We Get Cancer...
from a Spiritual Perspective

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Ask A Healer Cancer Education Series

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Underlying Spiritual Implications of Cancer


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This is part four of a question and answer email regarding cervical cancer. To read the entire article, please start with cervical cancer, part one. This part of my reply to the reader's question about cervical cancer deals with why we get cancer and, specifically, the spiritual implications of disease and illness. My response continues with the following emotional and spiritual factors in the development of cancer

Why We Get Cancer
This brings me to the underlying cause of diseases like cancer, from a spiritual and alternative healing perspective and the desire to say something important first ... I am, in no way, minimizing the physical components of cancer or other disease when I shift my focus to underlying emotional, mental or spiritual factors that may also contribute to disease. I'm well aware that the physical manifestation of a condition like cancer requires attention and aggressive action and the path to right action may be different for each person.

In sharing these observations, it is not my intent to suggest that these are the only contributing factors that help our bodies develop abnormal cells. Stress, in general, can cause cellular distress and damage. It's just that I've seen a pattern of certain types of emotional imbalance that is usually present when cancer develops and feel it is helpful to address emotional, spiritual and mental healing at the same time I address physical healing. In my own experience as a healing facilitator and, in particular, from working with people who have developed cancer in their bodies, I've yet to meet a person with diagnosed cancer who does not also have an emotional suppression or imbalance going on.

Common life scenarios where cancer can flourish include marriages where one or the other spouse is abusive, relationships where one or the other no longer is in love but stays in some manner of deceit for other reasons (the children, finances, fear of leaving, etc.), and situations where there is suppressed childhood trauma or grief that has never been expressed or resolved.

Cancer-Supportive Emotional States: The most common, chronic emotional states that supports the development of cancer in the body include:

1. Bitterness
2. Resentment
3. Suppressed rage
4. Guilt
6. Self-Hatred

I'd look at these issues in your own life and, in the case of cervical cancer, would additionally look at issues with intimacy, sexuality, sexual abuse, incest, and any identity struggles as a woman.

The experiences of your past may be held in cellular memory in such a way that a similar event or even the hint of it may stir up all sorts of odd thoughts and behaviors that you don't understand. Some of these behaviors may catapult one into stress that begins to impact the immune system, cell health and mental stability.

Working with an energetic healing facilitator who understand the structure of cell memory can help the body release cancer. Talking with a counselor can be very helpful for stress reduction, resolving issues that may be contributing to your body's cancer receptivity, and releasing unexpress anger, bitterness, resentment or rage.

Also, listening to selfhelp tapes or cds, subliminals, hypnosis tapes and similar types of mind-reprogramming tools would be a significant aspect of my healing regimen, were I diagnosed with cancer as would regular walks on the earth. Just walking on the earth, out in nature, every day that it is possible, helps the body to stay grounded, more relaxed and more in tune with the healing energy of all living things.

Women's Health Disclaimer: Cervical cancer has been called a silent cancer because symptoms often are not present until later stages. The medical association has been emphatic about how important it is for a woman to get regular pap smears. From a holistic point of view, it may also be important to get medical testing if you suspect your body may be harboring imbalance to the point that cancer may be a risk for you. From a spiritual perspective, it's important to stay clear of the fear vibration such tests may create within the body. Meditation helps, as do prayers and the support of positive friends. Obviously, based on your current belief systems and awareness, take whatever steps feel correct to you. Be wise with your health.