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What makes good acting?


Featured Resource: hypnosis for actors

Spirited Performance Art! The Power Connection Technique is a metaphysical approach to the craft and art of acting. What is metaphysical? Beyond the physical. Acknowledging that there is more to us. Extending the 'more' to others on stage, in films and thru the medium of television.

Successful actors must employ creativity, flexibility, concentration, instinct and skill to create a magical something out of words on paper. Learn how to infuse your performance (whether as an actor, public speaker or leader) with originality, power, magic and truth.

For me, the difference between a believable performance and a performance that reminded me every moment that someone was 'acting' revolved around four basic cornerstones of development:

truthful body ===>> truthful voice ===>> real emotion ===>> transparent thought process

This basic, beginning level class covers how to enhance those four cornerstones of great acting so that you can fully untilize them in your acting work. In addition, learn the difference between a full-out and unique characterization and personality acting, how to cry on cue, how to improve your audition skills and much more on the craft of acting

I remember Jack Lemmon talking about working with a famous director, early in his career. The director kept telling Jack to pull his performance back just a bit, after every take. Finally, Jack said that if he pulled it back anymore, he wouldn't be acting at all. The director said "exactly". This isn't to say an actor can never "go big". We have huge emotion in real life. Sometimes, it is the natural choice in a scene. However, for the most part, people tend to not want to let themselves go and let people see that they are hurt, or angry, or sad.

I've been to Los Angeles three times. Oddly enough, each was about a two-year period. The first time, I had no money or transportation so spent a frustrating, sometimes miserable two years trying to get to auditions, getting sick on the bus and having zero success. The second time, I had more money and had a car but still did not have enough money to really enjoy being there. Highlights included completing an improv session with The Groundlings and working with improv alumni from Second City and Acme Comedy. Worked for one day on Tom Cruise film 'Collateral' but mostly focused on networking and classes. I took other classes but mostly had to audit free classes.

Third time's a charm! The third time I returned to Hollywood, I had money and more stability in my life than I'd been able to achieve the first two times. I took every acting class I wanted to take and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I studied with Stephen Tobolowsky and found Lisa Dalton where I discovered Michael Chekhov. I was deeply gratified by finally finding a system that confirmed my natural approach. I got an agent. I got a co-star role on Ned's Declassified. I was on my way ... traffic did me in. I mean that in a literal sense. I could not stand driving for hours in bumper to bumper traffic for auditions and call-backs and I realized this would be my life if I stayed.

I came back to the south and was happy to discover there was more work now than before. I spent a few years in North Carolina and while there, studied broadcasting in North Carolina. Since then, I've relocated to the Nashville area an have been in a long-term petsit. I often live from housesit to housesit, by choice. After purchasing two homes in as many years, and having all manner of things go wrong, I decided not to own for a while. I had spiritual reasons for deciding this as well. These are fast river times we live in. The less I have weighing me down with attachment, the better.

Life Outside Tinseltown:
When I left L.A. the last time, I originally thought I'd go back to Los Angeles for pilot season. That was just a lie I told myself though because that dream is just gone from me .... or rather, I have chosen not to live in Los Angeles, period. As I mentioned earlier, the traffic was the deal-breaker. I remember well the day it took me an hour and a half to drive 18 miles. It dawned on me that my future as a working actress in Los Angeles meant driving all day, most days, and working on set occasionally. That was not a reality that felt conducive to my good health or peaceful soul on any level and particularly on creative and spiritual levels.

I had an agent in L.A. at the time who would submit me for roles casting nationwide, even after I moved back south. That wonderful agent is taking a break now but it's ok because since I've moved back, I've had less and less impulse to explore work in Los Angeles.

However, after a time, I honed in on the reality that, even if I got an audition for a film that would film in Los Angeles, that would mean actully flying there for auditions, callbacks and filming as well as being there to film it .... not something I want to do at this point in time. Just something to consider if you are thinking of relocating to Los Angeles - you better love to drive or ride! This class is a bare bones introduction into the idea of metaphysical acting.

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